how to make avocado ice cream

Avocado is a berry containing a large seed, with buttery green flesh and dark leathery skin. It's a popular ingredient in the produce industry used to make different types of dishes, including smoothies, wraps, dips, brownies, etc.


• Electric mixer
• Plastic wrap
• A loaf pan
• Pre-cooled glass bowls ( 1medium & 1 large)
• Plastic wrap


• 450 g Avocado flesh (approximately from 2 Avocados)
• 306 g of sweetened condensed milk
• 2 tbsp lime juice (freshly squeezed)
• 239 g heavy cream ( The heavy cream should be icy)


1. Line the loaf pan with plastic wrap and set it aside

2. Place the large bowl in a freezer for at least 1 hour before making the ice cream because a frozen bowl helps to create more volume when whipping the cream.

3. Place the scooped-out avocado flesh in a medium-size bowl, and mash it using a spoon.

4. Add condensed milk, lime juice, and lime zest into the same bowl and stir.

5. Put the mixture into the electric mixer on a low speed for about 2 to 3 minutes until the mixture becomes homogenous.

6. Remove the large bowl from the freezer and add the heavy cream and start whipping the cream. Gradually increase the speed until the cream becomes fluffy, and it forms some peaks. (about 4 minutes). Do not overbeat as it may result in butter instead of a cream.

7. Gradually add the avocado mixture to the whipped cream using a spatula, and fold gently until all the mix has been incorporated.

8. Put the mixture into the loaf pan prepared earlier, smooth the surface, and cover with a plastic wrap.

9. Freeze the ice cream for 4 hours before serving.

Avacado Ice Cream

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