How to Eat Breadfruit

Breadfruit preparation and recipes

Breadfruit is a tropical potato type of vegetable with a fantastic taste. ​
Breadfruit is like a tropical potato that tastes fantastic when mashed, in salads, french fries, and chips, and in countless other dishes where potatoes can be replaced. The only difference is it's more nutritious than potatoes.

There are several ways to prepare mature breadfruit.
It can be steamed, boiled, fried, baked, or cooked in traditional ways using fire. After that, it can be converted to a variety of dishes, including curries, types of bread, casseroles, pancakes, fritters, stews, chowders, salads, and many others.

The mashed breadfruit can be used to make dips, like hummus or vegetarian burger pattie.

When breadfruit ripens, it becomes soft, creamy, and sweet, which can be eaten raw. At this stage, it can also be used to make delicious beverages, certain baked goods, desserts such as flan, and other sweet dishes.

Immature green fruit can be cooked entirely, or it can be cut into thin slices or chunks and boiled until tender. The boiled pieces can be eaten with dips, used in salads, and marinated, or pickled to enhance the taste.

Breadfruit that is roasted underground oven until the peel becomes black and the flesh becomes tender or boiled steamed can be processed using a food processor and adding a little bit of coconut oil to give it a smooth texture. The dough resulted can be rolled out to make pasta, pizza, or tamales.

Another way to use breadfruit is to make breadfruit flour by peeling and taking the core of the raw fruit, great it into thin pieces, then dry or dehydrate until the flakes become brittle. Then the flakes are ground into a meal or flour. The coarse meal is a great substitute for panko or breadcrumbs. The flour is gluten-free. It will not rise and lack elasticity unlike, wheat flour. Yet, it can be used like other gluten-free flours.

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