Ginger Tea For Weight Loss

Ginger is cultivated for its roots, to add to the culinary dishes, certain medicines, and baked goods, etc. It helps to suppress hunger, decrease inflammation, and stimulate digestion. Ayurveda medicines trust the ginger's effect, mixed with other ingredients, to promote weight loss with a balanced and healthy diet combined with exercises.

Let's look deeper into the topic, whether it can help you lose the excess pounds and obtain your desired body, how to use it, its limits on weight loss, which ingredients should be combined to improve its effectiveness.


What are the benefits of ginger tea?

Ginger for Weight Loss

Does ginger burn body fat?

A recent study [3] done to evaluate the effect of ginger on weight loss has revealed the significant impact of ginger on body weight and belly fat, based on waist to hip ratio.

The gingerol plays important biological activities inside the body, including anti-obesity, aids the digestion and bowel movements, and, most importantly, stabilizes the blood sugar level, which might be the critical factor for weight loss [4].

How to make fresh ginger tea?

Lemon combined with ginger for weight loss.

Ginger, when combined with lemon, gives an extra boost for the body. Squeezed lemon added to the ginger tea provides vitamin C and helps to suppress the hunger. If taken two to three times a day will increase your hydration and gives you a fuller feeling.

How to prepare lemon added ginger tea

Put a teabag and a 1/4 teaspoon of chopped ginger to a mug, add hot water and keep it aside for 3 minutes for brewing. Then squeeze half a lemon to the tea before consumption.

Apple cider vinegar combined with ginger

Apple cider vinegar has its properties of weight loss. Although, when combined with ginger, it increases its anti-glycemic and antioxidant properties of both ingredients. Apple cider vinegar is rich in probiotics, which helps improve gut conditions during the weight loss journey.

How to prepare ginger and apple cider tonic

The easiest way is to combine it with your regular ginger tea. After brewing your favorite ginger tea, keep it aside to cool down unless the addition of apple cider vinegar might destroy its probiotic properties. Add one teaspoon of bee honey or half a lemon along with one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to the tea and drink. To get the maximum benefits of the recipe, take it as your breakfast tea.

Green tea combined with ginger

Green tea has its weight loss properties that makes it a common ingredient in many weight loss supplements. It has proven to increase the body mechanism. It doesn't contain caffeine.

How to prepare ginger added green tea

Brew green tea as same as you brew black tea and add ¼ spoon of diced ginger and drink twice a day to have maximum benefits.

Ginger Tea for Weight Loss
Ginger juice provides the advantage of weight loss when combined with other ingredients like honey, lemon juice, or pure water to mask the pungent, spicy taste of the root extract. Besides, it provides hydration, antioxidants, and immune-boosting properties.
How to prepare ginger juice
Peel a thumb size ginger root and cut into small pieces. Blend it with 1 cup of water and desired sweetener (agave, honey, lime juice, etc.) Strain the extract and garnish with mint and ice cubes. Drink twice daily as an appetite suppressant.
Ginger powder for weight loss
The ginger powder contains a high amount of shagaols compared to fresh ginger roots. The compound has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. The powder can be sprinkled on food, consume as tablets or drink after combined with water.
Ginger and turmeric tea or Ginger Turmeric tea
When turmeric is added to ginger tea, it provides loads of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, cleanses the liver, helps with digestion, and boosts immunity. In most cultures, turmeric ginger tea is used as natural medicine. Does this tea provide you with more benefits than other ginger added tea in weight loss? Yes
How to prepare Turmeric Tea
Turmeric Ginger Tea Recipe
Boil a thumb size ginger root and turmeric root ( small chunks) until the turmeric becomes soft. Strain the extract and add the juice of half lime and pepper and salt to taste. Drink hot or after refrigeration as desired.
Turmeric Ginger Tea Recipe
Ginger Tea Benefits and Limitations

Side effects and limitations consumption of ginger Too much consumption of ginger can lead to constipation and flatulence.

Increase the bile flow from the gallbladder. Thus it cannot be recommended for patients with gallbladder disease.

Pregnant women must consider their doctor's opinion before adding ginger to your meals

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