About Us

We all eat food and over life depends on it. Whether we realized it or not, it has a significant impact on our life, and health. It helps to bind our family and friends together. From childhood to elder hood, we are told to eat this not that, go organic, buy organic, eat slow, chew more, etc. We crave food as much as we want for wardrobes.

Different food and their additives (herbs, spices) have various health benefits. Different cooking methods make them appear and taste differently. Although some people crave certain foods, and some are allergic to them.

Healthy food serving is specialized in food education. It teaches you everything about food, including food knowledge, cooking methods, recipes, cultures, etc. We try our best to builds confidence and skills in a fun and welcoming environment. We provide information that can easily be applied to daily lives, inspires people to get cooking, and encourages healthy eating habits.

We cover a range of topics, including healthier cooking practice, skills-building, cooking on a budget, nutrition for health, and cooking from scratch.

We believe that everyone can cook if the desire is there. It is so creative and immediate. Starting with raw ingredients, some hands-on guidance, and a positive attitude, in no time at all you have several dishes to try. Cooking and eating are so much more than sustenance, and that's what you will experience and enjoy learning about when working with us.

About us